Project Details

EV Domestic & Commercial.

Creating a website for expert suppliers and installers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
Screenshot of EV commercial website
Content Strategy
Information Architecture
Web Style Guide
Webflow Development
Project Management


The project was delivered for EV Domestic & Commercial Ltd. The focus was on the commercial side of the business where the customers are businesses, schools, offices, Airbnbs, residential car parks, factories and more.


Our Goals

A website that should -

  • Act as a brochure/information site and web resource for tenders, existing customers (who came from the domestic side of the business) and brand new customers.
  • Appeal to other forward thinking businesses who are looking to improve their green credentials.
  • Have a professional and modern aesthetic.
  • Be easy to manage from an admin/content perspective.
  • Convey messaging of a well backed and professional outfit, but also approachable. Able to answer any ‘silly’ questions without customers feeling intimidated.
  • Find the sweet spot between professional and approachable in terms of the aesthetics.
  • Encourage potential customers to pick up the phone so that we can convert them.

User Goals

  • To know they are in the right place to get the best solution/advice.
  • To see information on the solutions and that the business is an expert that can guide them to the right one.
  • For them to make contact and become an early customer.
  • To be reassured that they are in good hands.


We kicked off the project with a strategy session to align on goals, document our research and produce the site map. This included outlining the core message of our brand, understanding our offering and our target users, defining communication objectives and working out the tone we want to create. We also started to draft visual references in a moodboard.

The strategy session later informed a wireframing phase and visual designs. I produced wireframes and designs for each key, unique page layout.


A Webflow site that is fast, easily updatable and delivers on our key goals. The design aesthetic which has themes of the electric vehicle industry and balances a professional yet approachable feel.

Client Testimonial

"Luke built a lovely site for us that is already helping convert prospects into customers. He is a dream to work with, he’s fast but thoughtful and with very strong attention to detail – that means you don’t have to worry about checking everything works because he’s already done that for you. He’s professional, understands his craft and I’d recommend him without hesitation."

Mike Davis - Owner, EV Domestic & Commercial