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Kyle Galvin.

Creating a minimal portfolio website for London based fashion and beauty photographer.
Content Strategy
Information Architecture
Web Style Guide
Webflow Development
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Kyle Galvin works with large global brands such as Rimmel London and Ted Baker, his focus is on the glamour and beauty. He also works with celebrities and social media influencers to create digital content.

Kyle needed a new portfolio website that celebrated his work.


Our Goals

  • A website that feels high end, premium and lux in order to attract more high level clients.
  • Redesign the site so it is more up to date with current design trends.
  • Create a memorable and impactful browsing experience.
  • Celebrate the photography.
  • Make the website fast.

User Goals

  • Easily browse work.
  • See high quality images.
  • Find other social media channels to explore more about Kyle.
  • Encourage collaboration and enquiries.


I worked with Kyle to bring his website up to date so that he can showcase his impressive portfolio.

I took a ‘less is more’ approach to produce a minimal design so that the photographs can do the talking. We worked through the content strategy and information architecture and also created wireframes and visual designs of each page. The look and feel reflects the research we did on the target user. We aimed to create a clean, premium and creative aesthetic. We included the use of subtle animations to create a pleasant browsing experience for the user.


I delivered the site build on Webflow. This allowed us to use high quality photographs without compromising on performance due to the brilliant underlying hosting infrastructure. We also compressed images as much as possible to make them suitable for web consumption.

The outcome was a clean, modern website that is more closely aligned with the quality of work Kyle is doing.

Client Testimonial

“I'm so thrilled to launch the re-design for my website. Luke really nailed the brief and created something dynamic that celebrated the imagery,”

Kyle Galvin - Fashion photographer

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